About us

Mat Agro d.o.o. is part of the Matijevic group, which incorporates over 70 companies, cultivates 30 000 ha of arable soil and has over 2 500 employees. Mat-Agro was founded in 2012 in Novi Sad, and the company’s primary function is wholesale trade in grains, oil plants, livestock food components and raw materials for agricultural production. In only four years of conducting business we have positioned ourselves among the leaders in the field of agriculture in the Republic of Serbia. Apart from the great success on the domestic market, when realized turnover exceeded 250 000 tons of grains, in 2015 we have exported more than 150 000 tons of corn which put us among the first five corn exporters in Serbia.

Scope of activity

Besides grains, Mat-Agro deals in trade of mineral fertilizer, as well as import and distribution of seeds. We are dedicated to reaching common goals, thus we base our business on building long-term partnerships with our suppliers and buyers. Teamwork, long-term partnership with the buyers and suppliers reduces expenses, shortens deadlines and contributes to mutual satisfaction. We help our cooperants to get the best yields and quality crops by giving them the opportunity of contracting and credit financing of agricultural production – delivery of best quality seeds, mineral fertilizer and other raw materials while the placement realization of our partners and cooperants is done according to predetermined and arranged parities. Apart from trading in grains and oil plants, we trade in oils as well, livestock food components – soy grits, sunflower grits, meal, soy groats, fishmeal.


We wish to be a synonym for a secure and reliable partner for our suppliers and buyers. In conducting our business, we avoid all kinds of speculative activities. We do not emphasize short-term profit maximization – instead, we are focused on the long-term and stable development of our business, as well as the one of our partners. Respecting arrangements and mutual cooperation direct our path towards success. As a company, we aim to accomplish more, and we encourage our partners to do the same.


Long-term business policy of the company is based on achieving further growth of product turnover, and what’s more important, becoming a national leader in trade of stock goods, as well as reaching a leader position among exporters of agricultural products in Serbia. We strive towards business strengthening through cooperation and organization of production, synergy with domestic and foreign producers, as well as trading in strategic and other goods according to the requests of our buyers along with adjustments to the market needs.